‘Last Exorcism’ Chatroulette Marketing is Excellent

Photo: Lionsgate

I’ve already seen Lionsgate’s The Last Exorcism, which is due in theaters on August 27, but I’ll leave any further comment on that matter for that time. However, I will discuss this latest marketing (and not make fun of the silly Eli Roth introductions that are playing in front of screenings… Twittics Eli? Really?) as Lionsgate has been taking their advertising to the random webcam website Chatroulette and scaring the hell out of unsuspecting guys that think they are going to be getting a naked girl and end up getting so much more.

They’ve uploaded the “best of” reactions to YouTube (via SlashFilm) and the video is included directly below. I’ve also added a new poster and three new pics to the image gallery, which you can check out right here.