Xtina Loosens the Pipes in This ‘Burlesque’ Clip

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
Photo: Screen Gems

One question I have regarding Burlesque is to wonder whether or not Christina Aguilera will try too hard. If I’ve ever liked any of Aguilera’s music it’s when she’s just singing and not belting out the long-winded notes in an effort to show off how long she can hold them. That doesn’t interest me, it just hurts my ears a little bit. So, when I see a little of that in this new clip it adds to my wonderment. Of course, we’re seeing this clip entirely out of context and don’t know how her character, Ali Rose, has reached this point.

So check out the clip of Aguilera belting out “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” just below and if you haven’t yet watched it you can see the trailer here and a group of stills from the film here.

Burlesque hits theaters on November 24.