‘Toy Story 3’ Takes $41 million at Friday Box-Office and ‘Jonah Hex’ Hits the Wall


The only question this weekend was just how high would Pixar’s Toy Story 3 open as we all knew it would be big, though I was surprised some RopeofSilicon commenters predicted a sub-$100 million opening weekend for the pic. This thing was destined to break $100 million and do so easily and after an estimated $41 million on Friday it’s well on its way and then some.

Toy Story 3 is looking at a $120 million opening from 4,058 runs, including 180 IMAX screens. As Nikki Finke points out the fact it’s in 3D you have that +46% admission price adding about $18 million for every $100 million of box office gross. Personally I don’t think you need to see Toy Story 3 in 3D as I still think Avatar is the only recent film that really benefits from the theatrical gimmick.

This means Toy Story 3 will have the highest ever June opening weekend, besting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s $108 million. It will also be looking to compete for the fifth and sixth slots for all-time opening weekends competing against Iron Man 2‘s $128 million and Shrek the Third‘s $121 million. Should it beat Shrek the Third‘s number it will also make it the highest opening ever for an animated film.

Elsewhere, The Karate Kid is looking to have only a 46% drop this week after $8.9 million on Friday and a likely weekend tally of about $27 million. The other wide opening last week, The A-Team, came in #3 on Friday with $3.9 million and a likely $11-12 million weekend.

While Laremy Jonah Hex from Warner Bros. of which Laremy predicted would take in $18.36 million for the weekend. The film opened in 2,825 theaters and managed a meager $1.9 million on Friday and is going to have to work hard for a $6 million opening weekend. Ouch!

As for the top ten, I have included Friday’s estimates directly below. Laremy will be here Sunday morning with the complete box-office wrap-up.

  1. Toy Story 3 – $41 million
  2. The Karate Kid – $8.9 million
  3. The A-Team – $3.9 million
  4. Get Him To The Greek – $2 million
  5. Jonah Hex – $1.9 million
  6. Killers – $1.7 million
  7. Shrek Forever After – $1.6 million
  8. Prince of Persia – $1.5 million
  9. Sex And The City 2 – $900,000
  10. Iron Man 2 – $700,000