UPDATED: ‘Batman 3’ Has an Official 2012 Release Date

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight
Photo: Warner Bros.

Heat Vision is reporting Warner Bros. has officially set July 20, 2012 as the release date for the as yet untitled Batman 3, the third Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie with Nolan hammering out a story with David Goyer. Release date is one thing, but it would seem the news Nolan will return to direct the third film is what will get fans most excited.

The July release date has the film opening a little over two weeks after Marc Webb’s Untitled Spider-Man Reboot, which will be released on July 3.

While the release date has been set, there is no official start of production date as Nolan is busy with his latest film, Inception, which arrives in theaters on July 16 and adding to the plot, Deadline reports the film is expected to be made in 3D.

The Dark Knight cinematographer Wally Pfister was recently quoted by Cinematical as he discussed the possibility of shooting the entire film in IMAX and/or 3D saying, “I think Chris is game for [shooting the entire film in IMAX], Lord knows that the 3D fad might pass by the time that summer comes around.” He was also quoted by Ain’t It Cool News calling 3D a “distraction” and asking, “Can you imagine Memento in 3D? With Joey Pantoliano’s glasses sticking out ‘a few feet’ with his hair all the way back there?” Hmmmm, not sure I see it happening, but I guess anything is possible.

There have been plenty of other rumors surrounding the film, such as to which direction the story will go including Emily Blunt passing on Marvel’s The First Avenger: Captain America to play Catwoman to the continuous wishful thinking Johnny Depp would play the Riddler and Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing The Penguin. Personally I don’t expect any of those to come true. I don’t expect Nolan to come up with the obvious. He’s surprised us before and I can only expect he’ll do it again. I’m just anxious to see where it all ends up as I would expect this will be Nolan’s final outing with The Dark Knight and I assume he’ll want to go out in style.