Box-Office Oracle: Apr. 30 – May. 2, 2010

It looks like keeping the streak alive is going to be easy as pie this weekend, only one film has reasonable shot at winning. That film? A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is competing against nothing in its demographic, versus a Brendan Fraser film that feels left for dead. Congrats Freddy, and welcome back.
#1 movie predicted correctly: 8 Weeks In A Row
I’m a little more bearish than the board on this one. But the numbers indicate my per theater average of $9,750 is high when compared to films like Prom Night and The Amityville Horror. What do those films have in common with this one? An April opening and weak competition.

Now I know what you’re saying. “But May starts on Saturday! Summer is here! Wheeeeeeee!” Hold on there, camper. Summer movie season starts with Iron Man 2 and not a minute before. This weekend is going to be another slow one. Which brings me nicely to…

Prediction: $30.7 million

Why was this film made? I know our little humans need movies too, I’m not ignorant of that, but do they have to look so stupid? Can’t we have more films like How to Train Your Dragon? Still, the third place film has been out six weeks, and can’t be expected to compete with opening weekend marketing.
Prediction: $11.8 million
If it pulls off the upset, no one will be happier. Heck, I’m even happy to hear about sequel plans on this one, and I’m rarely happy with those.
Prediction: $10.76 million
It’s at $93m worldwide on a $55m production budget. Not enough. Needs more. These comedies are always too dependent on domestic dollars.
Prediction: $6.38 million
Feeling like a potential tax write-off.
Prediction: $5.85 million
Clash of the Titans will crack $400m at some point in the next few days. A nice comeback story.
Prediction: $4.33 million
Going to lose money unless they sell a whole lotta lunchboxes.
Prediction: $4.32 million
$66m on $30m… could be nearing “sequel” territory. And why not? I want to see what happens next.
Prediction: $3.99 million
It needs another $16m to beat the original. I don’t think it will get there.
Prediction: $3.89 million
10. Oceans
The production budget was $80m! For an 83 minute movie! I feel like that should be a bigger story, that’s a whole mess of cash to spend on a documentary, no matter how great it looks.
Prediction: $3.34 million

How say you? Want to go $35m plus with Nightmare on Elm Street? Feel a Furry Vengeance upset coming? Here’s your chance to earn my eternal respect, predict and comment away.

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