Too Bad ‘Wild Target’ Starring Blunt and Nighy Doesn’t Look Very Good


Over the weekend Slash Film‘s Blighty correspondent Brendon Connelly debuted the trailer for Wild Target featuring an outstanding cast including Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Martin Freeman, Rupert Everett, Rupert Grint and Eileen Atkins. The only catch, it doesn’t look like it comes close to living up to its billing based on the trailer.

In the film Bill Nighy is Victor Maynard, a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother, Louisa (Atkins), despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency. His professional routine is interrupted when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose (Blunt). He spares her life, unexpectedly acquiring a young apprentice in the process, Tony (Grint). Believing Victor to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous attentions of his unhappy client (Everett).

It looks like a bunch of pratfalls and gags we’ve seen in just about every other low rent comedy. Perhaps I’m wrong and it will be a hit when it debuts in the UK on June 18 and we’ll have it in domestic theaters raking in the dough, but I’m not counting on it.