Gooey Motion Poster for ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’

If I understand this correctly the crap coming out of the kid’s mouth in the new “motion poster” for The Haunting in Connecticut is ectoplasm as one publicist sent me some information on the goo I thought was reserved for Ghostbusters movies telling me the following:

Charles Richet created the word ectoplasm from the Greek words ektos and plasma, which together mean “outside formed” to first describe the physical manifestations of spiritual energy. It comes out of the medium’s orifices (ears, nose, mouth, etc.) in a gauzy or gooey-like substance. It’s most memorable in the movie Ghostbusters when the characters “got slimed” – that was ectoplasm.

Now, when ever ectoplasm comes up in your daily conversations you can tell your friends Charles Richet invented the word and then look down on them for not being as smart as you.

As for The Haunting in Connecticut I am sure you have seen the ads buzzing around the site and already know this, but it hits theaters on March 27. Now check out that poster move!


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