Check It Out! They Made ‘Big 2’ but In Reverse!


After watching the trailer for Zac Efron’s 17 Again (2/20/09) I decided I either need to start wearing a helmet I feel so stupid, or I should try and figure out a top ten list consisting of films that should be remade except in opposite world. Now that sounds fun!

Take 17 Again for example. You know how in Big a little kid made a wish that he was older he magically turned into Tom Hanks? Well, flip that shit and cast Matthew Perry wishing he was younger and BOOM, he turns into latest Teen Beat heart throb Zac Efron! What a deal eh? It’s like the same… but different.

I can just imagine the meetings at New Line before they got their pink slips going something like this:

IDEA GUY: What about a story where a 39-year-old wishes he was in high school again and he magically turns into a 17-year-old played by a 21-year-old?

EXEC: Didn’t they just do the opposite of that with 13 Going on 30 and wasn’t it called Big like back in the ’80s?

IDEA GUY: Yeah, but this time it’s different because it’s switched up. Get it? Switched as in not the same? Plus, we can cast Zac Efron who is actually 21-years-old and all the little girls love him.

EXEC: Cha-ching! That’s why you’re my idea guy. The folks at Fox will wish they had their hands on this bad boy! Now hold on, I have a meeting with Jeff Robinov at Warner Bros. about some layoffs of some sort.

With that, I give you the trailer for 17 Again and if you want to see it in super-annoying vision watch it in high-def here.