Will the 2008 Golden Globes be Televised?

Considering the 2008 Golden Globes are supposed to be held on January 13th and televised on NBC that night it is looking to be very unlikely that the WGA strike will be solved in time. Since the WGA plans on picketing the event and the unlikelihood that nominees will be willing to cross the picket line in order to look purdy on the red carpet and pick up their hardware it would make sense for the show to go on, but without television accompaniment.

Anne Thompson at Variety says this is a likely scenario writing, “word from within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is that one possible scenario is for the Globes to proceed without the live NBC telecast.” Of course, she also points out contractual obligations and loss of revenue for both the HFPA and NBC, but I have to assume no televised show is better than a televised show in which no one is there. The Globes are more of a social gathering with awards rather than the high brow event the Academy holds and an empty room featuring a show that does not have a ring leader, as does the Oscars, would be quite boring.

Thompson’s final note on the subject though is that “NBC is going forward with plans to telecast the show live,” so who knows what the plan is.

I am not sure what side of the fence I land on. Traditionally Laremy has put on a fantastic show with his Live Diary accounts of the show and I have always taken pride in updating the winner pages on the site as soon as the awards are announced. If there is no televised show the Live Diary is gone, the winners will be updated whenever I learn of them and our recap articles traditionally well read and written by Andre Rivas will be limited to shit you most likely already know.

Basically this news is the first pin prick in the excitement balloon that is Award Season for us here at RopeofSilicon. Hopefully this strike gets resolved or the writers offer up waivers for the Oscars at the very least so some enjoyment can be had. It isn’t as if allowing writers to work on the Oscars (and the Globes for that matter) is going to weaken their stance in the slightest. A little bit of leniency goes a long way folks.

Stay tuned for more on this.


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