Who’s This Marcus Fella in ‘Terminator 4’?


CHUD has just posted a new article highlighting several previously-unknown plot details in relation to Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth film in the franchise being billed as a completely new series of films in an effort to create a new trilogy.

We already know that McG is directing and Christian Bale is onboard to star as John Connor in a limited role, but what was not known was who was the central character and why we should care about him/her. Well, Devin forwards on news that this bloke’s name is Marcus. Here’s the description given:

Marcus was put ‘out of commission’ before the nuclear holocaust on Judgment Day and he wakes up about 15 years before the future we see in the original Terminator films, which puts the movie at about 2015 or so. Marcus is a bad ass – think along the lines of Riddick – and what he finds is a blasted world filled with horror. Radiation poisoning, starvation, rampant jaywalking – all the things you expect post-apocalypse. There’s also John Connor, who is trying to build a utopian society while running the human resistance.

The report goes on to say that John Connor’s role in the second film is much larger and that Marcus will be around for all three of the new features.

For the rest of the news, including rubber suit terminator machines, some chick named Blair as well as one character from the franchise past click here. However, I will warn you, there is a spoiler at the end of which I did not read. So read with caution if you don’t like those sorts of things.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is expected to go into production in 2008 for a 2009 release.