Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 7, 2007 – Sep. 9, 2007

#1 movie predicted correctly: Six weeks in a row
That’s right, I’m calling this a repeat champion. Why? Because the kids are back in school. No, actually that has nothing to do with it but everyone else has been mentioning it so I thought I would too. The real reason is that decent horror dips around half in weekend two, and by all indications this is decent horror. Plus everything else on the board reeeeeeks.
Estimate: $12.4 million
I didn’t see it but B-Luv did and I think he said it was a little better than average. Not a ringing endorsement and westerns don’t enthrall mainstream audiences anymore. That’s my take at least. They’ve been throwing some ad dollars at this one but I don’t see it thriving.
Estimate: $11.9 million
It would seem like #2 and #3 are aiming for the same market (dudes) but Yuma is a bit better positioned with the date crowd. I didn’t like this film very much and I can’t see it translating on a large scale.
Estimate: $9.9 million
So what’s next guys? The comedy always seems to come from fairly normal setups so I’d like to suggest a car wash as the next venue. And I want Justin Long involved. Get to it Rogen / Apatow!
Estimate: $8.5 million
Someone stopped by my desk and mentioned that Matt Damon is fat in this one. It’s sort of true isn’t it? He’s got some neck chub. I’m with Matt there… but then again I don’t pull down $20m a film.
Estimate: $6.6 million
Not very funny, it’s fading from your memory with every passing second. Soon it will only be a movie that I and my other reviewer friends remember.
Estimate: $5.5 million
When they announce RH4 what will you do? Will you be sad? Will you be angry? I suggest you screen that and Shrek 4 the same day so that hopefully you go numb after an hour or so.
Estimate: $4.9 million
Bean whupped my ass last week, and that was not something I ever thought I would have to type. But I salute that British Bastard, you can’t underestimate him.
Estimate: $3.2 million
You know how they make athletes give horribly uncomfortable interviews after they lose in big games? Shouldn’t we force everyone involved here to do the same? Tell me you wouldn’t like to ask Scar-Jo something to the effect of “Have you seen this?? It’s crap, right?”
Estimate: $3.0 million
Insert witty comment here. I want to see Murder in the First II in the worst possible way right now. Does anyone besides me remember that one? It was classic Kevin Bacon.
Estimate: $2.3 million


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