POSTER: Right at Your Door

Just last night I added the new trailer for Roadside Attractions’ upcoming release Right at Your Door starring Mary McCormack and Rory Cochrane and now we have the brand new poster for you to check out.

I am not sure how good this movie is since it was at Lionsgate for the longest time and never got released, but the trailer makes it look rather intense. The film follows two people following the detonation of multiple dirty bombs in L.A. The wife (McCormack) ultimately ends up locked out of her house and the husband (Cochrane) is inside protected from the elements. Since she has been in direct contact with the contaminate he feels he can’t let her inside the house for fear she will contaminate him. It looks interesting enough to me and it just earned an August 24 release.

Check out the trailer right here, and the poster below.


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