Will Bourne Save Us from a Shotty Summer?

NOTE: I was originally going to write this article simply to tell you I added 30 new pictures for Bourne Ultimatum, and this is what it turned into. If you want the pics click here.

RottenTomatoes unleashed their mid-year look at the best reviewed movies so far and it disturbs me that Ratatouille is number one. This isn’t because I dislike Ratatouille, but I will say I didn’t love it like all these critics did, but that is to be expected as they pretty much slobber all over anything involving Pixar and Brad Bird. The most suprising aspect of it is that the only blockbuster film inside the top 25 is Live Free or Die Hard followed by the box-office bust Grindhouse in terms of bigger name films. Other than that it is all small independent films, which I don’t have a problem with, but I just have to wonder when is a studio going to finally hold themselves accountable and release a multi-million dollar film that is good and involves a good script, good action, good acting and good effects… all in one movie?

Instead we are left with Transformers, Spider-Man 3 and Evan Almighty. Basically, movies that rely on effects, fanboy appreciation and … well … I don’t know who Evan Almighty was catering to. All I want is for a studio to forget about opening weekend records and imagine a film that can stay in theaters for more than three weeks. Sure, Harry Potter and Transformers made plenty of dough opening weekend, but how long will they continue to thrive?

I would be willing to guess that one of the most truly successful movies of the year is Universal’s Knocked Up. Released on June 1st it is still in the top 10 at the box-office and has raked in $138 million domestically on a budget of $30 million, and while I didn’t particularly enjoy it I can’t deny people are finding it funny and have found it funny for almost seven weeks now. Seven weeks is an eternity now days!

So, with the summer winding down I am still searching for that one movie that will floor me, that is as far as spectacles go. 300 owned the first half of this year in terms of visually spectacular and entertaining films, but not even 300 was perfect. It lagged and had its slow parts. So far this summer I would say Live Free or Die Hard and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have been the closest thing to satisfying blockbusters. I truly enjoyed both of those films and can’t wait to see them again. However, there is still one more movie that can turn me for a loop – The Bourne Ultimatum.

Based on the films that released this summer I am not sure if Universal would have ever suspected that they truly had an opportunity to release the one film that could leave a lasting impression on audiences and define the Summer 2007 movie frame. The Bourne Ultimatum has the chance to make everything bad about this summer seem not so bad.

Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne and based on the trailers he is taking no prisoners. They have added David Strathairn and Paddy Considine to the cast and given Julia Stiles a larger role. Everything points to this movie being the one film that makes Summer 2007 worthwhile. Forget the fanboy faves, they were going to like Transformers and Spider-Man 3 no matter what. It didn’t matter that Spider-Man 3 had terrible dialogue and one of the worst finales in superhero movie history. It didn’t matter that Transformers turned into a multi-million dollar after school special with corny jokes and hardly a story to care about. All that mattered was that Spider-Man had a black suit, Venom was involved and there were giant robots raging. Guess what, I want story. I want substance. I want good dialogue and I want mood and atmosphere in my films. I want to be transported into another world and I want to believe it exists. I want Bourne Ultimatum to save my summer!

Is that too much to ask?

So far this year, if I was to generate a mid-year top ten it would look something like this


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