A ‘Holiday’ Interview with Cameron Diaz


There is an energy about Cameron Diaz, there is no denying that, but there seemed to be some nervous energy as I sat down with her along with a long table full of reporters in Los Angeles at the Four Seasons hotel a couple of weeks ago to chat about her new film The Holiday, which opens this Friday.

Diaz stars in the film as Amanda Woods, a feature film trailer editor that is down on her luck when it comes to men. So at the spur of the moment she takes some time off from her round-the-clock job and meets Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) on the internet and decides to do a house swap for the Christmas holiday discovering that a change of address really can change your life.

The film is fantastic and the interview is entertaining, enjoy!

Why do you seem so comfortable in this genre?

Cameron Diaz (CD): I try to think of the other romantic comedies that I’ve done and they’re all so different. Yes, there is an idea of what a romantic comedy is, but my brain always thought of romantic comedies being like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, those kinds of romantic comedies. What I love about this, why I was so comfortable doing, was because of Nancy Meyers. I felt like her vision of what it was was so clear and when something is clear like that and there for you and you have such great partners like Jude and Nancy to make the movie with – it’s all about chemistry and making the right movie with the right people.

Do you identify with anyone like this?

CD: That was another thing that I loved about it so much, it is highly relatable. I can relate with Iris and I could relate with Amanda. I think that we’ve all been through these relationships before, that’s life, it’s the journey of love in this lifetime is to try to figure out how to make love work and nurture relationships. There’s definitely something can see in themselves, maybe not the exact same experience, but the human aspect of it.

Why is it that it seems the smart women in these films have a hard time with relationships?

CD: I think everybody has problems in romance. Who doesn’t? The great things about romantic comedies I think are just love, it’s imperfect and people spend a lot of time on it. What would we do if relationships were perfect? What would we do with our time? People spend their time trying to figure it out. Whether it is going to a movie to try to be entertained by it or have a catharsis with it or learn something from it. There’s a certain level of energy and attention we give to that. In these movies women are smart because I think it is more fun to watch a smart woman than a not very smart woman. I think most people want to watch somebody they can relate to so that’s why I left it up to Nancy Meyers to write somebody smart, and I just acted. [laughing]

What was it like when you learned you were going to be sucking face with Jude Law and getting all snuggly?

CD: Well, it’s a funny thing we do, it’s a weird job. I’m not going to say that it’s not. As actors we commit ourselves to certain emotions for the movie and for the sake of telling the story, that’s what we do, we’re storytellers. It’s uncomfortable first off, having to be intimate with somebody that isn’t the person that you’re intimate with, but you’re acting and it’s your job. There’s certainly a level of professionalism that is essential to do that kind of work and you’re in a room with 50 people, camera’s right here and it’s about making people believe something, but it’s never that. For some people I am sure it’s happened, but it isn’t for me. We’re acting.

You know, Jude Law is a wonderful partner in these things. He is… Kate and I talked about it, the level of professionalism with him, it’s not weird. He’s totally respectful, he’s a very nice, professional guy. Perfect person to do something like this with.

Is this a movie you think guys will like?

CD: I think so, I think it’s a relatable story. You know, Jude and Jack are going through their own issues, they have to reconcile things for themselves and get to understand themselves in a certain way and get to know what they’re after. There’s a moment where you have to be with them as well where they make the decision that this is what they want or what they don’t want. I think that guys will definitely relate to it.

What kinds of challenges do you find yourself facing as you work through this career of yours?

CD: I am sure there are a lot of great roles out there, but I am really bad at commitment. I hate committing myself to anything. So I am really bad at saying I am going to be there in three months and I am going to stay for three months. It’s really hard for me. So it has to be something that I’m really sure that I’m going to be able to get there and be happy that I am there.

Where does that come from?

CD: It’s probably from the lack of discipline. It’s probably from being a spoiled brat and getting my way every time. I’m sure that’s probably what it is. It’s the way it is, it’s like, I just don’t wanna do it. I’m sure I’ll suffer for it later, but I am happy right now. [laughing]

Did you get to keep your clothes from the film?

CD: Yup, boxed it up.

The Holiday hit theaters on December 8. For more on the film click here.

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