‘Talisman’ Going to the Small Screen, Not the Big One


It is no secret that Steven Spielberg has long been trying to get a feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Talisman” made. The last time it was talked about recent Blood Diamond helmer Edward Zwick was attached, before that House of Sand and Fog director Vadim Perleman had his name attached to the project. That, was 2004 and now, after the successful collaboration on the critically acclaimed “Into the West,” TNT is teaming once again with DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg, this time for the epic, six-hour adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straubs’ other-worldly adventure the “The Talisman.”

Ehren Kruger (The Skeleton Key, The Ring) will adapt the King/Straub novel which tells the story of Jack Sawyer, a boy who goes on a quest through this world and through a parallel world known as The Territories, experiencing both good and evil in each. His goal is to obtain a mysterious talisman that will save his dying mother’s life, as well as the life of her twinner, the Queen of The Territories.

“The Talisman” is slated to premiere on TNT in summer 2008.

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