Clooney Directing ‘Boys’ after Starring in ‘Jazz’


Any thoughts of an Ocean’s Fourteen should be put on hold as George Clooney has just found a couple more projects and is now booked through 2009.

While his latest film The Good German is taking it on the chin this will never slow down the money making machine that is Clooney. He is now committed to direct The Belmont Boys just after he stars in White Jazz.

Belmont Boys is a heist movie that follows seven thieves who first meet at the horse track and nearly pull off the job of a lifetime. They reunite 30 years later, to finish what they started. The film will shoot in the U.S. and Europe.

White Jazz finds Clooney playing a dirty LAPD vice squad lieutenant whose mastery at skirting the rules gets tested when he’s set up by his crooked bosses to be the fall guy for a murder. The script was penned by Michael Carnahan who recently found the attention of Tom Cruise and Robert Redford with Lions for Lambs. This production will begin in early 2008 followed up with Belmont.

Also on the docket for Clooney in the next three years is the romantic comedy Leatherheads with Renee Zellweger, Burn After Reading with the Coen brothers, Michael Clayton for Tony Gilroy and, of course, Ocean’s Thirteen with virtually all of Hollywood.

Stay strong George, I know times are tough… Sheesh…

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