Bye, Bye ‘Nerds’ Didn’t Need You Anyway


I never thought it was a good idea to remake the ’80s classic Revenge of the Nerds, but newly formed 20th Century Fox teen genre arm, Fox Atomic, felt different on the matter and a cast was set and everyone headout to Atlanta and Emory University to begin production on the flick under the direction of Kyle Newman, then there was a snag. Emory U. backed out and decided not to participate in the film and there were rumors of the film heading to Arizona or maybe L.A., but that all goes away now as Variety reports the production has been officially halted.

Fox Atomic head, Peter Rice, told the trade, “Everybody worked very hard on Revenge of the Nerds, and we’re all extremely disappointed that we can’t move forward.”

All participants have been paid and whether or not the film will ever get a restart is unknown, but it looks doubtful. Cast included Katie Cassidy, Efren Ramirez, Chris Marquette, Dan Byrd, Kristin Cavallari, Ryan Pinkston, Jenna Dewan and Andrew McFarlane.

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