QUIZ: Test Your James Bond Knowledge


One of the new features I am proud of on the newly designed RopeofSilicon is our RopeofSilicon Lounge, which is still under construction in some areas, but along with the new weekly polls we also bring you RopeofSilicon Quizzes and while there is a Johnny Depp quiz and a Ladies of Oscar 2007 quiz in there already we finally bring you our first officially announced quiz and in celebration of the upcoming release of the 21st film in the James Bond franchise, Casino Royale, we bring you our James Bond Quiz.

Do you know when “Casino Royale” first published? How about what famous children’s author wrote the screenplay for You Only Live Twice? Well those are just two of our ten questions, some of which will test your knowledge others are simply questions you should know. Either way it is out little tip of the hat to a genre that really received a much needed boost of energy with this latest installment. For more on Casino Royale click here, but to get started on the quiz click here, or on the image above to get started.

Also be sure to weigh in on your favorite James Bond of all-time on the homepage poll, which can also be found in the Lounge. As of the publishing of this article Sean Connery was leading with 48.6% of the vote. Do you agree? I can only wonder if your opinion will change come November 17…

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