‘Borat’ Banned in Russia and Sued in South Carolina


If you have seen Borat already then you remember the Winnebago of University of South Carolina frat boys that picked up the hitch-hiking Kazakh journalist and then proceeded to make racist and sexist comments all while putting back a fair share of booze. Well, two of those frat boys have decided their major motion picture appearance wasn’t too cool and have decided to sue 20th Century Fox and the producers of the film claiming they were drunk at the time they signed a release to appear in the film. Uh, so? I don’t hear the racist fella from the rodeo complaining… at least not yet.

Here’s the real kicker, “Plaintiffs seek unspecified damages and demand that Fox pull Borat from theaters,” reports Variety. Hey fellas, why don’t you ask for a cow to jump over a moon? Or perhaps see if you can get an anal-dwelling butt monkey to come out of your butt. Trust me, you will have a better chance with this one.

This isn’t the only trouble Borat has run into of course. Once again, for those that have seen it, I hardly need to explain, but the other bit of news that broke in Variety yesterday was banned from playing in Russian theaters by the nation’s Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography. Why? Well the reason they claim is because, “The film contains material that some viewers may consider offensive to certain nationalities and religions.” Talk about a boo hoo statement, perhaps those people could stay home? Just a thought.

Oddly enough the now super-sensitive U.S. has decided to bump Borat from last week’s miniscule 800+ theaters it bowed in last week to 2,566 engagements. Man, talk about the little film that could. Borat has caused worldwide comotion, been banned, pokes fun at society and rakes in $26.4 million in one weekend with only 837 theaters. I even heard a rumor that someone thought Sacha Baron Cohen deserved an Oscar nomination for the role! While I don’t really think that is going to happen I don’t see the box-office dollars falling short this weekend. Fox has got to love all this free press!

See ya, it is now sexy time.

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