Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 3 – Nov. 5

Welcome to the house of horrors where I try and figure out exactly what kids want more; Christmas or mice flushed down toilets. Wait, I think this one just answered itself.
#1 movie predicted correctly: 1 Week In A Row
I’m riding Tim Allen to glory. I just read that back and now I feel sick.
Estimate: $26.5 million
You’ve got to like how frisky Saw was last weekend. I’m assuming you’re a studio rep.
Estimate: $19.0 million
This is the best movie I’ve ever seen where the main character gets flushed down the toilet. Easily.
Estimate: $15.4 million
It opens wider next week. Explain that to me. Doesn’t opening weekend indicate you’ll be opening your film for all the world to see?
Estimate: $9.4 million
One of the other things that irks me here (besides the ending) is the title. It’s a dumb title.
Estimate: $5.7 million
I think this title is stupid too. The original title, Infernal Affairs was silly too but in a much more endearing way.
Estimate: $4.7 million
My dad was negative two when World War II started. So I don’t imagine this was his flag.
Estimate: $4.0 million
This will get demolished this weekend but only two numbers matter now… Budget: $85m, Total Gross: $118m. Pop the champagne Open Season team, you’re going to DisneyWorld.
Estimate: $2.9 million
I am really sick as I type this, I think I have some type of respiratory failure. Do I complain? No. I keep right on oracling.
Estimate: $2.7 million
Honestly I shouldn’t even have to talk about the tenth rated film. More people are going to get down with animals this weekend than will see this so I don’t think it merits tons of thoughtful consideration. Moo!
Estimate: $1.9 million

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