Tom Cruise Considering Three New Flicks


I continue to be a major Tom Cruise fan. I grew up with this guy and ever since Top Gun I haven’t missed a single movie he has been in and I own almost all of them as well. Today Variety wrote up an article detailing three new films Cruise is considering as his next starring role.

First off is the feature he seems to be leaning toward, Lions for Lambs. Lions is an independent feature that will most likely be directed by Robert Redford with Redford taking on a small role. The pic is a political drama revolving around a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Cruise is being courted to play a congressman and Meryl Streep for a role as a journalist.

The next pic would probably be the most challenging as Cruise would be playing a a Gulf War vet rendered mute by his injuries who’s charged with the care of a 9-year-old whose mother goes AWOL in The Ha-Ha. The film is an adaptation of a Dave King novel written by Chuck Leavitt for Warner Bros.

Finally is one that I would be just as interested in seeing as Lions, instead of Redford Cruise would be teaming with Spike Lee for Selling Time. The 20th Century Fox drama is about a man who sells back chunks of time in his life for a chance to relive and change the worst day of his life. Lee has met with Cruise several times and is working on a rewrite of a script by Dan McDermott.

There are no deals in place for any of these, but they are the films he is apparently considering.

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