Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 20 – Oct. 22


You have to love when a horse movie crushes your hopes and dreams. I hated the movie but the little girls of America let me down too. Add them to the list of people I hate.

1. The Prestige $14.8m (My rank:#3, $3.7m Off)
I’m glad it won even though it screwed me. It’s a good movie. Well played, general public.

2. The Departed $13.6m (My rank:#2, $1.5 Off)

Very close to capturing a weekend once again. There was an Infernal Affairs 2; will there be a sequel to this?

3. Flags of Our Fathers $10.2m (My rank:#5, $1.0m Off)

It will interesting to see what happens next week because it should gain theatres and lose word of mouth. It could end up in the exact same place next weekend as the line graphs pass each other.

4. Open Season $8.0m (My rank:#8, $3.4m Off)

It will make about three times its budget back when all is said and done but I really have to wonder where animators spend $85m these days. Computers are cheap and lunch doesn’t cost millions even in L.A.

5. Flicka $7.7m (My rank:#1, $5.1m Off)

Thanks for nothing Flicka. I took a risk and you killed me. The only reason I had it in first place was that Spirit film opened decent in the same month last year. Dumb.

6. The Grudge 2 $7.7m (My rank:#4, $2.6m Off)

Murdered by word of mouth, it failed very hard against my projection. What can I say? I didn’t see it.

7. Man of the Year $7.0m (My rank:#7, $1.2m Off)

Not a bad dropoff but I’m very curious to know what Robin Williams was paid for this role. He hasn’t been a bankable star in a decade has he?

8. Marie Antoinette $5.3m (My rank:#6, $.7m Off)

The bright side is it was second in per theater revenue so if it opens wider next weekend it will shoot up the board.

9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning $3.8m (My rank:#9, $.4m Off)

Having made over $35m domestially it looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more beginnings. Maybe even a conception or two.

10. The Marine $3.7m (My rank:#10, $.7m Off)

I love how they listed John Cena on the poster, as if that would pack them in.

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