The Casting Couch: October 20, 2006


It’s not movie related, but I guess some television news here and there doesn’t hurt as Kristanna Loken has signed on to star in he upcoming Sci Fi Channel original series “Painkiller Jane,” a superhero actioner from Insight Film Studios, Starz Media and Kickstart Comic Arts Studio based on the comicbook created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada. Loken will play the titular character Jane Vasko, a DEA agent recruited by a covert government org tasked with capturing genetically enhanced individuals. When she discovers that she has her own set of powers — she’s impervious to injury, but not pain — Jane begins to search for what caused her transformation and her own connection to the people she pursues. Sci-Fi has ordered 22 one-hour episodes with production set to begin next month in Vancouver and the series will debut next spring. [Variety]

Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison house will join Kevin Misher in producing Paramount Pictures’ adaptation of Dan Zevin’s comic memoir “The Day I Turned Uncool: Confessions of a Reluctant Grown-Up.” The pic is being set up as a potential starring vehicle for Sandler with Paul Bernbaum adapting the book, which ponders the cataclysmic reality of hitting his 30s and facing up to the commitments that come with graduating into adulthood. [Variety]

Reese Witherspoon may be eyeing a horror flick as her Type A production house has asked Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror scribe, Scott Kosar, to pen Bell Witch as a potential starring vehicle for Reese. The story follows a new mom so haunted by unexplained phenomena that she doubts her sanity. She fixates on the legend of the Bell Witch and becomes convinced that an evil spirit is out to harm her baby. Kosar is also working on a remake of George Romero pic The Crazies, which Machinist helmer Brad Anderson is attached to direct. [Variety]

Kelly Preston and Michelle Trachtenberg have both signed on to star in The Possibility of Fireflies for first time feature film director Dominique Paul. The pic is an adaptation of Paul’s novel in which Preston will play a single mother struggling to keep her life in order after her husband abandons her, forcing her to raise their two daughters on her own. Trachtenberg will play the older daughter. The drama will shoot in January in South Carolina. BT is set to compose the music for the film. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Timothy Olyphant and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have signed on for what are reportedly “key roles” in Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth film in the Die Hard franchise. The pic brings back John McClane (Bruce Willis) and this time an attack on the U.S. computer infrastructure begins to shut down the country and the mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every digital angle but never counts on the old-fashioned, “analog” McClane. Olyphant will play Willis’ nemesis, while Winstead will play Willis’ daughter. Filming is already underway in Los Angeles. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Finally, Re-Animator helmer Stuart Gordon will direct Stuck, a thriller about a young woman who commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim. Gordon wrote the script which is based on a true story that introduces us to Brandi Helper, a young and compassionate caregiver at a retirement home whose life is turn upside down when she accidentally hits Tom Bardo, a homeless man. With the terribly injured Tom stuck in the windshield of her car, Brandi drives home and parks the car in her garage. Although she promises to take him to an emergency room, Brandi realizes that she will destroy her own future if she does so. Instead she decides to wait for Tom to die, so she and her boyfriend Rashid can dispose of the body. When Tom realizes this, he knows that his only chance of survival is to find a way to escape. Filming begins October 30 in locations around New Brunswick, Canada. [Production Weekly]

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