Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 13 – Oct. 15


#1 movie predicted correctly: Six Weeks In A Row

1. The Grudge 2 $22.0m (My rank:#1, $12.3m Off)

I had it correct at number one but I can’t claim victory because it performed terribly. They didn’t screen it and it didn’t open as well as the first one. Overall this is a loss for The Grudge 2 and don’t let those marketing folks tell you any different.

2. The Departed $18.6m (My rank:#2, $3.5m Off)

It must have gotten tremendous word of mouth and I’m thinking it came from the fellas. It’s a guy movie, even with the pretty Leo in it. Good showing here.

3. Man of the Year $12.5m (My rank:#5, $5.3m Off)

This did much better than I projected. Clearly people were in the mood for comedy, but it will be very interesting to see if Robin Williams can get good word of mouth for the first time in years.

4. Open Season $11.0m (My rank:#4, $3.3m Off)

I think winter weather across the nation inflated the box office this weekend. It had to be something; none of these films are world beaters.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning $7.7m (My rank:#3, $2.0m Off)

Even though The Grudge 2 got mauled this one fared even worse. On the other hand it’s made over $30m on a production budget of $16m so you can be sure we’ll see more of these.

6. The Marine $7.0m (My rank:#6, $.5m Off)

I predicted a disastrous opening and I was proven right. No one wants to see a random action movie that looks straight out of the 80’s.

7. The Guardian $5.8m (My rank:#8, $.9m Off)

The deleted scenes are rumored to have Costner and Kutcher making out. That’s unsubstantiated of course.

8. Employee of the Month $5.6m (My rank:#7, $1.6m Off)

Here’s another financial success disguised as a failure. The budget was $12m, it’s made $20m. I don’t think it’s time to hand Dane Cook leading male status yet but he’ll certainly get more cracks at the title after this.

9. One Night with the King $4.3m (My rank:#10, $2.7m Off)

It finished fourth in per screen average; pretty good for a film no one has ever heard of.

10. Jackass Number Two $3.3m (My rank:#9, $.2m Off)

A pure and simple cash cow. It costs nothing to make and will gross over $100m total (foreign plus domestic). Who needs scripts when stuff like this thrives? See you next week!

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