Blood is On the New ‘Saw III’ Poster. Really, it is!


Perhaps you may have heard earlier this morning that Tobin Bell leant more than just his image to a new poster for Saw III, in fact a symbolic yet very small amount of Tobin’s blood has been mixed in the red ink vat to print the new posters and AOL has posted our first look at said image of Bell as Jigsaw. The first poster off the press will be auctioned off live online to raise money for the American Red Cross. Auction will be hosted by our partners Stub Hub and is scheduled to go live the afternoon of October 10th.

Continuing in the tradition of catchy one liners the new film has gone with “Bleed Till You’re Better,” check out the new poster below and click here or on the poster for the full-sized look at AOL.

Saw III hits theaters on October 27, click here for more info.

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