Can ‘Boogeyman 2’ Offer More Scares than the First?


Jeff Betancourt is set to direct Boogeyman 2, a follow-up to the very non-scary Boogeyman from 2005 in which a young man must return to his childhood home and confront the terrifying visions that have haunted him all his life.

Betancourt is the editor on Sony’s The Grudge 2, a film Sony isn’t screening for Seattle critics (which is an obvious sign as to how good it is), and will direct the Brian Sieve script which centers on a young woman with a long-term phobia of the boogeyman, who voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears. However, much to her horror, she discovers that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action.

Betancourt’s editing of horror flicks goes further back than just Grudge 2 as he takes credit on the first Grudge as well as other Sony thrillers such as When a Stranger Calls and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Production on Boogeyman 2 is scheduled to begin late November in Los Angeles. Does anyone else smell “direct-to-video”?

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