Box-Office Oracle: Sep 29 – Oct 1


I’m on a little role but this weekend looks to be nasty. No telling what an October animation does and it’s also hard to bead how much people want to see Costner/Kutcher. Hopefully not too much or my prediction will be null and void by Saturday morn.. that’s no way to start a weekend, believe you me.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Three Weeks In A Row

1. Open Season $22.0m

I have no idea why people would see this other than a crying kid. I’ve also heard rumors of bunny abuse in this animation effort. Beware!

2. The Guardian $16.4m

Ditto the first sentence from the last one. The trailers are so bad it makes me black out. C’mon, you know the ending to this one and you haven’t even seen it.

3. School for Scoundrels $15.9m

It did fairly well on last weekend’s sneak peak so I don’t see much reason it should falter here. Billy Bob rides again.

4. Jackass: Number Two $13.4m

I have to figure the opening weekend is a bigger deal for a flick like this. No way the die-hards would wait a week.

5. Jet Li’s Fearless $7.4m

His last action movie. Like MJ retiring after the sixth title. Hmm.. maybe Jet will come back wearing the old 4-5 jersey to martial us up.

6. Gridiron Gang 5.0m

Nothing quite like getting the gang back together one last time… though it would be cooler if it was for a proper robbery or something.

7. Flyboys $3.2

Fly these guys to the moon, let them play among the stars. Just keep them far away from a movie projector.

8. Everybody’s Hero $2.2m

Based on just the poster I bet he’s a kid that tries too hard and must learn to love himself. A better topic is anyone remember that book ‘The Kid Who Only Hit Homers?”

9. Black Dahlia $2.1m
It was the better of the two period pieces but that’s like being better as a suicide bomber. Not much hope behind being the best is there?

10. All the King’s Men $2.0m

At least I liked it. Sorry no one else did.

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