The Casting Couch: September 26, 2006


A bunch of boring casting related news came out this morning so I am going to break this down for you as quickly as I can.

First off Kara Holden (who?) is set to pen the script for Home School for Warner Bros. The story revolves around an absentee father who suffers an injury that prevents him from working. Stuck at home, he decides to pull his kids from school and teach them himself. [Variety]

Rob Schneider will star in Juliana and the Medicine Fish to be directed by Jeremy Torrie. The children’s fantasy fill feature Schneider as a father who is trying to save his troubled fishing lodge as well as his relationship with his 12-year-old daughter, who uncovers an ancient secret in the waters near the lodge. The film is based on the book by Jake MacDonald who wrote the screen adaptation with Torrie. Production will begin this week in Lake of the Woods, Manitoba, Canada. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Martin Scorsese is reportedly eyeing Silence as his next film. The pic is an adaptation of the novel by Japanese writer Shusaku Endo. The story is set in sixteenth century Japan, where Portuguese missionaries must contend with traders from rival European nations and the persecution of Christians by Japanese feudal lords. The feudal lords want to drive Christianity out of Japan, and try to do so by torturing priests into apostasy, denying their faith. This is done symbolically by stepping on a “fumie,” a Christian image, like a picture of Mary or a crucifix. Two Portuguese priests, Sebastian Rodrigues and Francis Garrpe, make a dangerous journey to Japan, both to locate and comfort Japanese converts, and to discover the truth about a supposed apostate priest, Ferreira. [Production Weekly]

Jodie Whittaker (who?) will star opposite Viggo Mortensen in Good, a screen adaptation of CP Taylor’s award-winning stage play centering on a German professor in Frankfurt during the 1930s who allows himself to be seduced into the Nazi party. As he spirals down the vortex of the Reich, he rationalizes everything — his betrayal of his family and his Jewish friend as well as the morality he used to teach. Finally, standing in SS uniform at Auschwitz, he becomes a symbol of man’s ability to slide down the path to evil. [Production Weekly]

Billy Burke (who?) is set to star in Surveillance, a supernatural cop thriller about an FBI agent tracking a serial killer with the help of his would-be-victims, all of whom have very different stories of their experiences. Production is tentatively slated for October. David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, is directing from a script whe penned with Kent Harper. [Production Weekly]

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