Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 15 – Sep. 17


I’m back on top! I’ll win this week too because Gridiron Gang will win another weak week. I take no joy in these easy victories, I look forward to the challenges of October. It looms on the horizon like a storm.

#1 movie predicted correctly: One Week In A Row

1. Gridiron Gang $16.1m

Did we really need another average football movie? Why can no one do football right? I mean The Program was flawed in every way and we’re still getting far worse films than that these days.

2. The Black Dahlia $9.5m

Yep, they did it. First Hollywoodland and now this. No one cares. No one wants to watch this. Yeah, S-Jo will get them a little more buzz but not enough for the double digits.

3. Everyone’s Hero $8.7m

Yay, A kid’s film! Go get em kiddies! I wonder if they even screened this one.. I have to check my voicemail more often. Oh, it’s a baseball themed kiddie one, so now we’re looking at three bad sports flicks in the top ten.

4. The Last Kiss $5.6m

I really liked this one. Will others? It may be a bit too complex for your average bear.

5. The Covenant $4.6m

It won last week, and now it will fade forever more. Let it be written, let it be done.

6. Hollywoodland $3.3m

You’d think Black Dahlia would bleed the audience but there is no audience. You can’t bleed a stone, Momma taught me that.

7. The Illusionist 3.0m

I keep telling people to see it and they keep looking at me with blank stares, kind of like when I go to Radio Shack and ask them a technical question.

8. The Protector $2.9

Wait, this isn’t The Guardian? Aren’t they synonyms? Man, come up with some new titles!

9. Invincible $2.8m

Two football movies on the same board, neither of them thirst quenching in the slightest. Maybe we should ask Nike to do us up a film, they’ve done wonders with shoes.

10. Little Miss Sunshine $2.2m

I hope this husband and wife team gets another shot at a movie soon. Actually, based on the box office results I’m guessing they have a ton of things being presented to them. Choose wisely my youngling directors, choose wisely.

See you Monday, well break it down family style.

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