First Three Minutes of ‘The Covenant’ Online


Sony Pictures showed audiences a little bit from The Covenant at this year’s Comic Con and while it has nothing to do with vampires (at least I don’t think so) it really looks a lot like a Lost Boys style of film. I haven’t seen it, but that is just the vibe I get from the trailer, which actually looks sort of cool.

The film is actually about five families who formed an ancient covenant back in 1692. The families all held special powers and their covenant was created to share a bond of silence, but one family wanted more and was ultimately banished. The film picks up hundreds of years later and focuses on four teens who all still share this ancient bond and soon find themselves in a whirlwind of trouble as a dead body pops up and the secrets of their past begin to surface.

Renny Harlin is directing the flick and ever since Die Hard 2 back in 1990 he hasn’t really enjoyed much success, especially with the recently released Exorcist prequel and Mindhunters.

Nevertheless, The Covenant will be released on September 8 and Sony is giving audiences a preview of the first 3 minutes of the flick at the film’s official site, so click here and make the decision for yourself. Who knows, you may find something you like. I am just curious if this is a film Sony will hide once again from the critics, my gut tells me no because they need as much pub for this one as they can get. Lord knows the poster art isn’t going to attract too many people.

On top of the three minutes you can also click here to check out 20 new stills from the movie.

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