Box Office Oracle: July 28 – July 30


This weekend features a kid’s flick, a teen flick, and an adult flick. That’s something for everyone! Those three will occupy three of the top four slots with only Pirates sticking around. Some housecleaning also happens near the bottom of the list as Superman Returns and The Devil Wears Prada exit stage left.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Five Weeks In A Row (and it will be six homeboy because Vice isn’t losing)

1. Miami Vice $42.9m

The things working against it are the R rating and the fact that no one is wearing pastels. The things going for it are the director, the cast, and the fact that it doesn’t have any competition. It will win, the only question is how big. Oh yeah, that 146 minute running time might sting a bit too.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $21.6m

Finally booted out of the top slot, $548m (domestic plus foreign) later. That’s an impressive haul, more than all of Woody Allen’s films combined.

3. John Tucker Must Die $16.6m

Must he die? If so this would be the modern day Heathers. I think the teens support this one en masse.

4. The Ant Bully $16.2m

I read somewhere this one is a communist manifesto. If that’s true I’m glad the commies have finally gone to animation as a recruiting tool, it was the last frontier.

5. Monster House $11.1m

Hey, wait a sec, two animations back to back in the rankings? That’s a little scary, animations usually get crushed by one another but Monster House had such a strong week one that I have to account for it. If I’m wrong… well then pickle my blueberry.

6. Lady in the Water 7.9m

zzzzzzzzzzzz. Good to see a film get so thoroughly thrashed. I get sick of seeing films perform exactly as they are supposed to. Maybe now Shymalalan can pursue that acting career he so clearly wants.

7. You, Me, and Dupree $7.4

When I die I’m coming back a romantic comedy. They don’t have to be good, they just have to not be bad. That’s already my personal mantra.

8. Little Man $5.1m

The movie showed that he wasn’t little in the sack. That makes your day doesn’t it?

9. Clerks II $4.4m

After all the fanboy webs are cleared away we can see this movie for what it really is: A little budget and average comedy.

10. Scoop $4.3m

This is a risk because Ex-Girlfriend could beat it but I’m going with the better film. Yeah, I know, that hasn’t worked in the past but I’m really due at this point. America won’t let me down again, it’s the land of the free. Let’s make sweet recap love together on Monday.

The new movie book is coming, and it will be better than ever. Stay tuned. -Laremy

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