CON 2006: Zack Snyder Talks ‘300’ and ‘Watchmen’


After everything was said and done at the 2006 Comic-Con there was one panel that continues to stick in my mind more than all the rest and that is the Warner Bros. release 300. The film is being directed by Dawn of the Dead remake helmer Zack Snyder and stars Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Rodrigo Santoro and Vincent Regan.

Of the group Snyder, Butler, Wenham and author/artist Frank Miller were on hand to chat about the film and introduce some exclusive footage, a special R-rated trailer cut for the comic book junkies and it was the very best of the covention. So good in fact that once the approximately 2:30 minute long teaser ended Gerard Butler even asked to see it again, a request that was met with rapid fervor by the audience. The clip even showed one last time after the panel ended.

Featuring wild imagery, a fantastic color pallette, decapitated heads floating in the air, naked women, action, action, action and then some more action it truly was the best footage shown at the Con.

All that said, I had a chance to sit down with writer/director Zack Snyder and chat about the film as well as his next project, a little thing called Watchmen based on the popular Alan Moore graphic novel.

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