CON 2006: Off to Comic-Con


Well folks, the weekend has already begun for me as I sit in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport doing a few last minute news articles before getting on the plane for San Diego to

cover Comic-Con 2006, my first time at the convention and I already know I am nowhere near prepared for the event. I say this because there is an enormous amount of

movie goodness to cover and I am only going to be able to cover so much. Want an idea of all that is going on? Well just click here to check out our feature, which is where

you will find all of my articles, interviews and pictures from the convention and believe me I am going to have a lot of everything.

Until then simply stay tuned to that feature page and if you haven’t done so yet check out our other features right here.

Any time a new article from the Con is posted you will see a similar headline labeled by “CON:” and then whatever good stuff I am bringing you.

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