‘The Fountain’ Poster Revealed


I am a huge fan of poster art and while I wish this was our exclusive I have to give props to JoBlo as Warner Bros. has provided them the exclusive first look at the poster for The Fountain and damn if it isn’t cool!

To check out the poster simply click here, but wait, there is more.

Devon over at CHUD.com has posted what I believe is the first official review of The Fountain even though it doesn’t even hit the big screen until October 13. Here is a snippet of the review that is just praising the pic:

Brilliant is really the only word I can use to describe the film. It took Darren Aronofsky years to get his movie made, but every day was worth it. The finished work is wonderful, is moving, is stunning. I may have walked out of the movie dumbstruck but I spent the next few days wishing I could talk to someone about it. The movie stayed in my mind; not just images (and there are so many gorgeous images), but ideas and themes. The narrative is complex but not overly complicated, and that complexity gives you the opportunity to keep turning aspects over in your mind, making the small connections and getting the satisfaction of taking it apart and putting it back together again. What’s most appealing about the narrative is how it treats the audience as adults – we’re not led step by step through everything, but at the same time things aren’t needlessly obscured just to preserve a sense of mystery or to give a cheap twist.

To read the full thing click here.

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