Box-Office Wrap-Up: June 9 – June 11


#1 movie predicted correctly: One Week In A Row

The Oracle got back to correct picks this weekend as the paint thinner was put firmly away.

1. Cars $62.8m (My rank:#1, $7.0m Off)
Okay, okay, picking this one first wasn’t much of a challenge. But honestly I need lay-ups every once in a while. You try oracling and pimping at the same time, it ain’t easy.

2. The Break-Up $20.4m (My rank:#2, $3.5m Off)

So I saw this one a second time to clarify my opinions, paid for a ticket and everything, and B-Love is right, they set it up as a traditional romantic comedy and then molest you. So, all in all, you’ve got to call it a miss on the dramatic front, just like the paternity test I dodged so many years ago.

3. X-Men: The Last Stand $15.5m (My rank:#3, $1.1m Off)

They’ve already titled the fourth one X-Men: They stand back up. What it lacks in imagination it delivers in accuracy. For the next effort they are holding a competition for who directs. If you want to kill more than a dozen X-Men you are automatically disqualified. They won’t get fooled again.

4. The Omen $15.4m (My rank:#4, $.9m Off)

People from around the nation have been asking me to Oracle the World Cup. I say take Italy. The Brazilians will have more trouble with Japan then you would think. Plus I like pasta.

5. Over the Hedge $10.3m (My rank:#6, $2.4m Off)

This did very well considering Cars was against it. However if you compare it against something like Titanic it doesn’t hold up at all. I hope people aren’t doing that. Life is cruel enough already without trying to measure up to pseudo Italian hearthrobs with strangely heavier love interests.

6. The Da Vinci Code $10.3m (My rank:#5, $.3m Off)

Not the Ninja Turtle movie I was hoping for. First off Donatello didn’t use his big stick at all and there wasn’t any totally tubular language out of Michelangelo. Don’t even get me started on Krang or Splinter.

7. A Prairie Home Companion $4.6m (My rank:#8, $2.3m off)

It made TWICE as much as I predicted… clearly the upper crust made it a movie weekend. Me? I like my toast without crust if you’re looking for bday presents.

8. Mission: Impossible III $3.0m (My rank:#7, $.3m Off)

The fourth one is about attempting to win the lottery. Now that’s impossible! Or maybe it’s about looking suave in a bow-tie. Perhaps me mating with a supermodel. Did you cash in on Jazil? I know I did. My method is to pick a random number.

9. RV $2.0m (My rank:#9, $.4m Off)

They ought to give you a smoke and a last meal before sending you into this one. Maybe play taps or something. My point is it’s much like death if you’re not one for subtlety.

10. Poseidon $1.8m (My rank:#10, $.2m Off)

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle so I can’t see continuing The Oracle much longer today. No, I won’t be going outside to enjoy it, but I will probably crack the window on my self-contained bunker. I have cheese, PS2, and a fifth of Jack. Don’t be jealous Twan (Anyone who gets that reference REALLY needs to get out more). See ya next week freaks.

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