Moynahan and Robbins Making ‘Noise’


The best part of this story is that the sexy Bridget Moynahan will be in another film as she is set to join Tim Robbins in Henry Bean’s black comedy Noise.

Now, the Production Weekly synopsis is quite descriptive so sit back and take a read. If you fall asleep (like I did), get your Z’s and finish it off when you get the time.

…a tale about a man who’s being driven crazy about the noise in New York City. When the accumulated noise of New York City begins to grate on his nerves until he can’t stand it any more, urbanite David Owen (Robbins) doesn’t move out to Connecticut – instead he renames himself “The Rectifier” and becomes a vigilante, making war on car alarms that go off in the middle of the night, but “The Rectifier” soon learns there’s a reason that Batman is a rich guy without a family – the social stigma of being a Crusader soon destroys David’s home life and his job, earns him the murderous enmity of the Mayor of New York, and David’s closest friends, even his daughter, begin to suspect that loud beeping noises have drilled great gaping holes in David’s sanity.

Filming is scheduled to begin at the end of April in New York City.

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