UPDATED: LaBeouf in ‘Transformers’?


UPDATE: In an article over at Variety (3/30/06) it has been confirmed that “Shia LaBeouf is in final negotiations to play a lead role in the DreamWorks/Paramount live-action production” of Transformers.

Hey all you robots in disguise, want some Transformers movie casting news? What? You don’t care? You just want to know if the CGI and story are going to be good? Well, I have to agree with you on those points, but all I have are some bits of casting news. You want ’em? Okay, here goes.

According to IGN FilmForce, they have been able to confirm “via reliable sources” that Shia LaBeouf is indeed in negotiations for the role of the human protagonist “Sam” in Transformers. This rumor was originally reported by a site called Allspark apparently and if you go to their site and scroll down to where it says “Dreamworks Casting Information – ‘Prime Directive'” you will find the following bits on the roles to be filled:

Sam – teenage male, somewhat nerdy, but ultimately heroic.

Miguela Barns – teenage female, Sam’s love interest.

Cpt William Lennicks – 30s male, leader of the military.

Maggie – female, really hot, really smart, works as a codebreaker for the government.

John Kellar – 50’s/60’s male, US Secretary of State.

Glen Whitman – 20’s male, technogeek, comic relief.

LaBeouf was recently cast in D.J. Caruso‘s Disturbia and will be seen on DVD on the upcoming release of The Greatest Game Ever Played.

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