New Pics From Eight Different Movies!


Some of these are a little old, some are brand new, nevertheless I thought it was about time to shoot out a reminder that we are your ultimate source for movie stills on the web (that is a self-proclaimed accolade, but it works).

Below you will see links and teaser pics for eight different films, click on any of the pics to check out the full gallery and be sure to visit our Movie Stills Homepage often to always stay in the know with the new pics added to the site. You never know some nostalgic looks may appear every so often such as the eight new images recently added for the classic A Streetcar Named Desire. After all, there are other films out there besides superhero movies… Really, there are.


The gallery has been updated and now contains more than 45 images from the upcoming animated film due to hit theaters on February 10 starring a voice cast that includes Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, David Cross, Eugene Levy, Dick Van Dyke and Joan Plowright.

Click the pic above to check out the gallery.


Set to hit theaters on February 17, two of the fellas that brought the world Scary Movie are now tackling romantic comedies in Date Movie and we have a gallery of 39 images to show you how messed up this one is set to be, complete with some serious back waxing. Click the pic above to check out the pics now!


Dave Chappelle may have gone a little wacky for a bit there, but I am sure he hasn’t lost his step as a comedian and he is out to prove it in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. We have added four images to the gallery as well as updated the trailer with better quality QuickTime and Windows versions. Click the pic above to check it all out now.


Do you know about this one? You should. It stars two fabulous actors in Edward Norton and Evan Rachel Wood and we have your first 6 looks at the pic. Just click the image above to check it out as well as the rest of the cast and the synopsis. The film is currently expected to hit theaters sometime in April.


Okay, so we only have one new pic for this one, and it is a pic we had up before, but then we were asked to take it down and now it is back. Nevertheless, it is a bloody guy with a shotgun. Click the pic above to check out all three pics from the film.


Well, the international scene has yet again provided us with some early looks at another Fox film. This time… Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. The gallery is filled with over 25 images, click the pic above to check ’em all out.


Just yesterday Paramount Pictures shot over a couple of new pics from the upcoming actioner Mission: Impossible 3 and at least time they are some better pics as the first few were less than intriguing. What I want is a pic of PS Hoffman being a bit of a bad ass, where is that pic!?!?

Anyway, to check out the new one click the pic above.


Ahhhh, one of the films I am truly looking forward to this year. A film that somehow can’t seem to lockdown a release date as it has now been bumped to July 7, but I have a good feeling it is the last time it will be moved. I have added some cool new looks at the film, click the pic above to check ’em out.

You can always stay up-to-date with our new pics by occasionally checking out the RopeofSilicon Move Stills Homepage.

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