Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 28 – Oct. 30


Everyone who had Saw II cracking $30 million this weekend please raise your hand. Now saw it off because you are lying! It was pretty much Zorro and Saw II this weekend with everyone else fighting for the scraps. It was a strong box office with the top 10 hitting over 80 million dollars, rebounding from last weekend’s dismal showing.

1. Saw II 30.5m (My rank #1, 15.5m off)
Halloween spurred this puppy on to great heights. This is the most I have ever been off on revenue, but I had it number #1 overall so I’m still taking half credit.

2. Legend of Zorro 16.5m (My rank #2, 2.8m off)
If you’ve got to finish second 16.5m is the way to do it. I’d take second right now for half that.

3. Prime 6.4m (My rank #4, .7m off)
I can’t fault people for seeing Prime. It wasn’t actively offensive like so many other romances these days.

4. Dreamer 6.3m (My rank #7, 1.6m off)
A last minute theater expansion hurt my guess. Next time I’ll call them all myself.

5. Wallace and Gromit 4.4m (My rank #8, DEAD ON)
I hit the dollar mark and for that I downed an extra cheeseburger this weekend.

6. The Weather Man 4.2m (My rank: #5, .4m off)
A slim opening for The Weather Man though I’ve heard an Oscar rumor or two about Nicolas Cage.

7. Doom 4.1m (My rank: #3, 4.6m off)
Bombed big after winning the week. We won’t be seeing it much after this.

8. North Country 3.7 (My rank: #9, .4m off)
I don’t think it can hold out much longer. I hope the marketing department has the screener copies all prepped and ready in hopes of a comeback.

9. The Fog 3.3m (My rank: #6, 1.5m off)
I thought The Fog would get a bigger bounce but everybody went to Saw II instead.

10. Flightplan 2.6m (My rank: not ranked)
Welcome back Flightplan! You’ve taken in over 80 million and it is time to call you an enormous box office success and perhaps send you some type of floral arrangement. Maybe even candy.

Weekend Box-Office Estimates
(in millions)
Saw II
Legend of Zorro
Wallace and Gromit
The Weather Man
North Country
The Fog

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Weekend: Nov. 15, 2018, Nov. 18, 2018

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