Michelle Monaghan Talks ‘Mission: Impossible 3’


This past weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down with the cast and crew members of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (a FANTASTIC movie by the way), and while my entire feature will be up in the coming days, which you will have to check out because Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. put on a show you have to hear to believe, and you will get a chance to hear it.

Along with Val, Robert, Joel Silver and director Shane Black I also had the chance to talk with the female star of the film Michelle Monaghan, whose star is shining as bright as ever. With Kiss Kiss, North Country and next Mission: Impossible 3 she seems to have hit the fast track to stardom and she told us what she could about her character in M:I 3 and a bit about the story as well, check it out below:

Question: We hear you are making this small budget film called Mission: Impossible 3.

Michelle: Oh, it’s such a small budget.

Question: We just talked to the writers and they said you were the bad girl.

Michelle: Really? Well they might be pulling your leg.

Question: Have you had a lot of stunts for that film?

Michelle: I haven’t actually, I am learning snow-boarding right now because I have a scene where I snowboard, which is really interesting because I didn’t know you could actually learn how to snowboard on a machine. I’ve been doing it now for like three days and I keep thinking I would have fallen at least 200 times by now, and I’m saying there is no way I am going to learn how to do this until I get out on the slopes. I’m just doing it two hours a day and I am beat at the end of the night.

Question: It’s gotta be exciting getting that.

Michelle: It is, it really was. It was just such an amazing thing.

Question: Where are you filming?

Michelle: They started out in Rome and then we’ve been shooting in L.A., then we’re going to go to Shanghai in a few weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Question: Where is your snowboard scene taking place?

Michelle: We don’t know yet – somewhere. We haven’t figured out when or where there is going to be snow. I say we just shoot it on the machine. Just blue screen.

Question: So will you be playing the tough chick in Mission: Impossible 3?

Michelle: You know, not necessarily. Gosh, I really hate to say too much about it because it freaks me out – they made me sign my life away – but I’ve got a few of those bits in there where you see some action. The great thing about this script from Mission is that it explores Ethan Hunt’s home life and so you see a lot of drama in that. If you can imagine it’s J.J. Abrams, it’s “Lost”, it’s “Alias,” so of course you’re going to have all those bits where it’s like shoot ’em up. So you’re going to have the action, but you’re also going to have a lot of drama, he’s a wonderful writer. So, you’re going to find this one is a lot more character driven than I think you have seen in the past.

As Michelle’s interview ended Val Kilmer walked in and she was asked if it is better to work with Val or Tom Cruise and you don’t want to miss Val’s response, it is priceless. So, be sure to stary tuned for our entire Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang feature, which will have the entire interview with Michelle and the boys from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, it is something you will not want to miss.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang opens on a limited basis on October 21 and then goes wide on November 10. As for M:I 3 you are going to have to wait until May 5, 2006 for that one, but you can check out all the details on it here.

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