Steven for Stephen as ‘Worlds Collide’


Steven Spielberg has apparently been charged with the duties of keeping sci-fi in the bigscreen mainstream as he and Stephen Sommers swap positions over at Paramount, this time awarding Spielberg a remake of When Worlds Collide.

For the longest time, Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing) was attached to write and direct the remake, but he has vacated the role and decided to direct and produce the action-comedy A Night at the Museum for Fox.

The original When Worlds Collide was released in 1951 and even won an Oscar for Visual Effects. The film was the inspiration for 1998’s Deep Impact as it told the story of Earth’s collision with a runaway star.

As of now, Speilberg is only producing When Worlds Collide and there is no word on whether he will direct. As for A Night at the Museum, an action-comedy script from Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Gurant, and rewritten by Scott Frank, the story revolves around a hapless museum guard at a natural history exhibit who unwittingly triggers an ancient jinx that animates the long-deceased critters and brings chaos to the city.

Spielberg is currently filming his tragedy feature Munich as well as collaborating with George Lucas on Indiana Jones 4 while Sommers has reportedly been devolping Shazam! at New Line and Flash Gordon at Universal.

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