‘Ex’ Looks Good at New Line

While I am slowly growing weary with all the comic book movies it is nice to see one that isn’t exactly of the traditional superhero mold as New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to the DC Comics’ Wildstorm comic “Ex Machina.”

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news and describes the comic as a political thriller that tackles the question of what happens when a man who has superpowers realizes he can be of better service to humanity by becoming a politician — in this case, the mayor of New York. The comic explores such hot-button issues as Sept. 11 and gay marriage, the shades of gray in political realities and the idea that there is no room for heroes in politics.

Apparently there are two versions of the comic being explored via two different scripts, and while there was no mention of the script differences it was said that one version will be penned by “Ex Machina” creator Brian Vaughn while co-creator Glen Brunswick will pen the other.


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