Connelly Cast in ‘Macbeth’


The buxom beauty, Jennifer Connelly, (damn she is gorgeous) who will be starring in this summer’s thriller Dark Water has just been cast opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman in the feature adaptation of the Shakespearean classic Macbeth for director Todd Louiso.

As far as I am concerned, anytime a movie based on one of William Shakespeare’s plays is going to be turned into a feature film it is a plus as I consider Shakespeare one of the greatest writers of all time and Macbeth is certainly one of the greatest.

Telling the story of the rise and fall of a fate-plagued king Macbeth in a mystical and magical, yet altogether tragic story in which Macbeth and his companion Banquo meet with three soothsaying witches who prophesy that Macbeth will become the baron of Cawdor and later on shall be king.

Little to Macbeth’s knowledge the stature of baron has already been bestowed as the king of Scotland has already sent the current king of Cawdor to his death due to his treacherous activities. As Macbeth has now risen to the power of baron word reaches his wife that the title of queen is within her grasp.

Macbeth’s wife then convinces him to murder the King of Scotland of which he carries out only to be saddled with the worry of one more of the witches prophecies saying that Banquo’s children are to inherit the throne, which causes Macbeth great distress as Banquo’s son Macduff is highly suspicious of Macbeth’s quick rise to power.

Macbeth seeks out the wisdom of the fate deciding witches one last time and is told that he has nothing to worry about as no man born of woman can do him any harm, little does he know that Macduff was a product of a Caesarean birth setting Macbeth’s fate.

It can only be assumed, although it is not mentioned, that Connelly will star as Macbeth’s wife while Hoffman will star as Macbeth himself. The casting choices could not be any better and to see Connelly take on the evil wielding powers of Lady Macbeth will be a performance in and of itself.

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