New ‘Underworld 2’ and ‘Legend of Zorro’ Pics


As we anxiously await a teaser trailer for Underworld 2: Evolution we have been provided with five new images from the Vampire vs. Werewolf thriller along with new hi-res pics from The Legend of Zorro, which actually saw its teaser trailer debut just a couple of days ago.

To check out the Underworld 2 pics just click the teaser pic above and for the Zorro pics click on the sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones below.

ON top of all this, it was also announced today by The Hollywood Reporter that Luma Pictures has signed on as lead visual effects house for Underworld 2 and the effects are expected to be more ambitious than for the first film and will feature CG creatures as opposed to the men wearing suits as was the case with the werewolves in the first Underworld.

Underworld 2 is set for a December 2nd release while Zorro hits theaters on October 28th.

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