‘Alien vs. Predator 2’ is On!!!


Even though the first Alien vs. Predator was anything but stellar, 20th Century Fox Film Co-Chairman Tom Rothman sat down to talk to SCI FI Wire and dropped news that all Alien and Predator fans will rejoice over.

Word from Rothman is that Alien vs. Predator II is a go as Rothman tells SCI FI Wire, “We will do another one of those for sure. It was a big success… In the new Alien vs. Predator they will finally actually really come to our world.”

Rothman went on to say that this new film could bridge the gap between all the movies and the two horror film franchises… “It’s likely that we will bridge the gap, and the beginning of that will be setting it in our contemporary universe… They were always terrorists, yes, but only metaphorically.”

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