Lucas Talks ‘Indy IV’ and ‘Sith’ to TIME

Thanks to ‘Gareth’ and The Indy Experience we have a couple of bits from the George Lucas interview in the upcoming issue of TIME magazine, which coincidentally will also feature Darth Vader on the cover. The interview covers the gamut of news but our scoops are related to Indiana Jones IV and Star Wars: Episode III.

First up, from The Indy Experience we get a quote from Lucas saying, “You know, I said three’s fine. And then I came up with an idea I thought was brilliant, so I told the other guys [Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford], and they kind of flipped out. It’s vaguely in the realm of the supernatural. We have to accept the fact that Indiana Jones is an older man. But it’s been hell getting a script out of it. Steven is committed to shooting it next year. I just got the latest script yesterday.”

So it sounds like Indy IV will definitely be a go, which is rather exciting considering how excited Lucas, Ford and Spielberg seem to be from those comments, check out the rest of The Indy Experience’s article here.

Secondly‘s ‘Gareth’ writes in with news he received from an anonymous scooper talking more about the exact same TIME article, and his news pertains to Revenge of the Sith check out that bit below:

With the final Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith, not so far, far away, Darth Vader has landed on the cover of TIME magazine, which assures fans that they will be breathing a lot easier than Vader when the movie opens on May 19.

Critic Richard Corliss forecasts that there will be a “a sigh of relief that Lucas found the skill to make a grave and vigorous popular entertainment, a picture that regains and sustains the filmic Force he dreamed up.” For his part, George Lucas tells Time that, while he believes “it turned out as well as I could have hoped,” he worries that audiences may not think so. “I have a feeling this one is going to be sort of like the last one in terms of some people like it, some people hate it. And like everyone who makes movies, I’m always convinced the next one will be a flop. So right now I’m thinking it probably won’t make any money and will be considered a failure.”

From early chatter about the film I highly doubt it is going to be a flop but expectations are high, and I for one, have great faith that this will certainly be the best of the three prequels, but I will be able to make that opinion known very soon.


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