What’s Up with Ali G’s ‘Borat’?


While I think Ali G is one of the funniest shows to come along in quite some time I personally found his Borat character to be somewhat annoying and redundant, but that isn’t stopping 20th Century Fox from bringing the Kazakhstani TV journalist to the big screen.

Variety reports that Fox is in negotiations with director Larry Charles to helm the feature which will star Sacha Baron Cohen, a.k.a. Ali G, as Borat.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, Borat is a character played by Cohen in which he portrays a sexually charged and quite upfront Kazakhstani reporter whose inentions aren’t exactly indecent but his actions seem quite the contrary.

The film was originally set to have Old School director Todd Philips in the director’s chair, but he quit the production back in January even though they had already begun production.

The Variety article goes on to say that the footage shot by Philips features Borat’s mangling of the U.S. national anthem at a rodeo in Virginia made headlines for its off-key tone, and for inciting the rodeo crowd by making inflammatory remarks about the war in Iraq.

This is a reproduction of one of Ali G’s sketches which can be seen on his first season DVD, which was shown on HBO.

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