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It was pretty much a slow week for DVDs, but I have done a bit of scrounging to make this a worthwhile edition of the DVD Download and while it was a slow week for DVDs it was not a slow week for PSP UMD movies as 12 new UMDs were added to the database, but we will get to those a bit later.

Before I get too far into this edition I would like to thank a couple of websites that focus on DVDs for the bits and pieces of information they supply and those two are DVD Times and DVDAnswers, both of these sites are always up on what is coming out, so be sure to check them out often.

So without further adieu let’s get to it!

Bigger than Sky – (June 21)

First up is Bigger than Sky, a film that saw a limited theatrical release, but does feature such names as Amy Smart, John Corbett and Sean Astin.

As far as I can figure this title has absolutely no extra features so there is nothing to report there, but if you would like to add this one to your collection click here.

Swimming Upstream – (May 31)

Another MGM title is the Geoffrey Rush vehicle Swimming Upstream, which also saw a very limited theatrical release. However, this one is boasting a couple of special features with a “Swimming Upstream: The Making of a Champion” featurette, deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer. If swimming is your thing, why not click here and add it to your preorder list?

Hitch – (June 14)

Now for the whopper of a film that has made over $300 million worldwide and $172 million domestically. Will Smith’s Hitch is definitely the box-office success of the year thus far and is sure to make a similar splash on DVD when it hits shelves on June 14th.

As for special features, this one comes with the following:

    · 4 Deleted Scenes
    · Blooper Reel
    · “I Thing” Music Video by Amerie
    · 5 Behind-the-Scenes featurettes
    · Widescreen (2.40 aspect ratio) and Full Screen presentation
    · Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital; French Dolby Surround
    · Subtitles: English and French
    · Previews

Click here to get this one added to your list.

The Pacifier – (June 28)

Next we have the Buena Vista release of the critically blasted Vin Diesel flick, The Pacifier. While the film was not received well by critics, it has done surprisingly well at the box-office raking in almost $100 million domestically. Available on DVD on the 28th it will carry deleted scenes, a blooper reel and cast interviews.

Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition) – (June 14)

Back again for more is the Great White Shark that everyone fears. Jaws is returning to DVD for a third time, this time for his 30th Anniversary with a June 14th 2-Disc release. The DVD will carry a bevy of special features including deleted scenes and outtakes, featurettes, shark facts, storyboards, stills, marketing materials and more.

To check out some menu shots click here to head over to DVDTimes, but to add it to your shelf click here.

Mallrats X

Finally is a film I cannot wait to add to my shelf considering Universal stopped making the Special Edition release, but here comes a 10th Anniversary follow-up to last year’s Clerks X as Kevin Smith made mention of a Mallrats 10th Anniversary DVD on his ViewAskew forums, here is what he had to say:

I just went into Universal yesterday to work out the details of the “Mallrats” 10th Anniversary Edition DVD. We were talking about doing another Arc Light Screening/Q&A, which we’d shoot out here in L.A., but as I was driving home, I was thinking “Maybe we can go to the Eden Prairie Mall and hold the screening/Q&A…”

So I made this bitch a sticky because I’d like to ask the faithful…

If we were to do this – hold a “Mallrats” screening/q&a at the Eden Prairie Mall, which we’d shoot for the “Mallrats” 10th Anniversary DVD – who’d make the trip to attend?

Wanna weigh in on the set? Click here to head on over to ViewAskew and chat with Kev.


Next up are the TV DVDs and we have a couple of new ones for you here, but let me also say that you can check out updated feature lists for the first seasons of Lost and Desperate Housewives by clicking on their respective names.

King of Queens – The Complete 4th Season – (June 14)

First up is Kevin James and the sexy Leah Remini in the fourth season set of the hit comedy King of Queens. With limited info on special features I wouldn’t get your hopes up on much as season 3 carried not one extra feature, but to add this one to your collection click here to preorder.

The Sopranos – The Complete Fifth Season – (June 7)

Secondly is the set I am sure several of you have been waiting for as Tony Soprano will once again be making his way into several homes on the digital DVD format with the release of The Sopranos – The Complete Fifth Season. The special features are limited but do contain four audio commentaries with Directors Steve Buscemi, Peter Bogdanovich, Mike Figgis and Rodrigo Garcia and season 1 – 4 recaps.

To add this one to your preorder list click here, or click here to order seasons 1-5 and take care of it in one big chunk.


Hopefully in the very near future I will have a ton of reviews of these PSP titles for you, but let me tell you that I have already gone through Spider-Man 2, which comes with the purchase of a new PSP and the quality is phenomenal. If I was to make any comment at all at first glance I would have to say that with the action films the speed of the movie can become a bit blinding and blurry considering the small size, but that is something that cannot be helped.

But in the meantime check out these 12 titles that have just been added to the database, several of them have artwork if you follow the link, but all of them have release dates, so click on the title of your choice and check it out, and if you are so inclined add it to your preorder list.

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