‘Dynamite’ Star Joins ‘Benchwarmers’


Yup, for you Napoleon Dynamite fans, that is Jon Heder, Napoleon himself right there to the left. Did you actually think he looked like that dufus he played in that ridiculous film?

I am sorry but Napoleon Dynamite was a huge waste of my time as I regret ever sitting down to watch it, but hopefully all that is in the past as Jon Heder is joining Rob Schneider and David Spade in Revolution Pictures’ comedy Benchwarmers being produced by Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison offshoot.

Heder will just be one more of the atrocious athletes in a story we have heard so many times before as three guys try to make up for their lack of athleticism in school by forming a three-man baseball team to challenge youth teams.

Craig Kilborn and Jon Lovitz also star in the picture being directed by Dennis Dugan.

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