‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash’ Treatment


If there is one thing the boys over at Bloody-Disgusting know it is when something is truly a special find and here we have one of the best things to hit the web this year, if not the best as the boys have unveiled the actual treatment that almost became a feature film, the treatment for Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

The primary reason they have made this available is thanks to the recent news of a Friday the 13th Part 12 with Quentin Tarantino eyeing the helm. The news was broken yesterday by IGN FilmForce and then repeated today in the trades but did the article over at Variety credit the site? Are you kidding? The one line blurb read “breathless Internet gossip notwithstanding.” Wow! What a credit.

Anyhow, the cat on FvJvA is out of the bag over at BD.com so click here to check it out, you will find a link to the PDF file at the bottom of the article by clicking on the cool poster the boys mocked up.

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